Easy tips for creating a YouTube channel: Everything You Need to Know

Google owns YouTube, an online video website. It is the world’s second most popular website, with users viewing more than one billion hours of video every day. Every minute in 2019, more than 500 hours of video material was uploaded to YouTube servers.

YouTube is one of the sites where an infinite number of people enjoy creating new content to share with others. In the world, there are 32 million and more YouTube channels. You’ve arrived at this blog because you want to create a new YouTube channel. Here’s a step-by-step guide to starting a YouTube channel and excelling on the platform.

Here’s how to create your own YouTube channel

  1. Go to your Chrome browser and write www.youtube.com
  2. The pop-up shown below will come up, and click on “I agree” to continue.

  1. Another pop-up will come up for you to sign in to YouTube. Click on “sign-in”.

  1. After you click on sign-in, you will be able to see that you have to enter details to sign in. To sign in to YouTube, you need a Gmail account. You will be able to see the “create account on the left side of the webpage.

Here is how you make a Gmail account if you don’t have one already.

  • Click on “create account”, you will have an option to make an account for yourself or your business. Choose whichever is your motto to be on YouTube.
  • You will enter your details here.

  • Write your first name and last name.
  • You can write your own Email ID that you prefer. Google has a lot of users, so it might be possible that the Email ID that you want is already in use, so use some unique number or name to your Email ID.
  • Enter your password that is safe and strong. Make sure the password is 8 characters long and powerful as this is going to be the same password that you will be able to access your channel from. Don’t forget your password.

  • Click on “next.”
  • You will have to enter your phone number details and birthdate.
  • If you have another account other than this Email, put that Email ID on the recovery option as this will be helpful in the long run if you ever forgot your password or anything that is related to log-in details.
  • Click on confirm, and you will be asked to give consent. Click on “I agree” to the terms and conditions.
  • You are all ready with your Email ID. Google might have already automatically opened your YouTube.
  1. Now you have your Gmail that is linked to your YouTube. You will be able to see this page below; proceed with clicking on “create a channel.

  1. You will be presented with two options to choose from to have a YouTube channel name. If you are looking into making content that is professional or informative, then give it a creative name and if you want to make daily lifestyle vlogs or videos, then give the channel your name.

This is where the name enters the image. Most viewers are unconcerned about the channel’s name if they like your material. They’ll subscribe just to see what else there is to see. When people begin to mention your name to their friends, coworkers, and other acquaintances, however, it becomes significant.

If you’re starting a cooking channel, “mac’s Kitchen” may be a better name than “cookingmaster567.” Imagine trying to tell your friends about the latest cookingmaster567 channel. They may laugh because the name is silly, but if the name is anything more professional, they may investigate further and actually check it out. This will help you get more people to look into your channel.

Although channel naming isn’t the most important aspect of a YouTube channel, it is crucial for channel development. The name of your channel will be very significant to your potential viewers. Give yourself some time to come up with a unique name that will reflect you as a content creator and will draw more viewers to your site.

  1. Upload a profile picture relevant to the content you will provide to your viewers in the future. A profile picture will also be on your main channel page, where you can change it whenever you want to in the future. When somebody visits your page, they will be able to see the profile picture first thing.

Therefore, it is very important that you give some attention and research into your niche before you put a picture. Everything here is about the first impression of your channel and how you represent it to the world.

After you upload a profile picture, you will have to write “channel description.” Visitors will learn more about you and the types of videos you make by reading your Channel Description. In fact, a well-written Channel Description will help visitors become subscribers. Likewise, using keywords in your channel description will help with YouTube SEO.

Learn more on how you can write channel descriptions on this blog.

This is how you can increase your subscriber count as well as traffic to your personal website. YouTube is fantastic in that it allows creators to connect their personal websites and social media accounts to draw in more viewers.

Don’t underestimate the power of this feature; it will seem insignificant when you first start your channel, but as you expand, people will begin to follow you on various social media sites in order to see your content. This will help you reach a wider audience. If you’re a professional who regularly creates videos, you can even post them on this website to get more views.

You have finally created your YouTube channel.  You can always customize your channel and the information you want just by going to this page and clicking “customize channel.” YouTube has a lot of features that you will gradually get the hang of when you start using it on a regular basis.

Tips for starting a good YouTube channel as a beginner

Now that you’ve built your YouTube account, it is time to start laying the groundwork for a successful channel. It’s important to grasp these measures as a beginner to avoid wasting time and money.

Firstly, having just a YouTube channel will not gain you views or subscribers. Here are some tips on how you can start making videos and gain an audience.

It’s understandable for any tech-savvy adult to be enticed by the thought of starting a YouTube channel, given the continued growth of video blogging culture. After all, it’s a fun and engaging hobby that has the potential to transform you into a well-known online personality, as well as help you meet new people, get free stuff from businesses, and, of course, earn a decent living.

However, you’ll need to do more than just become a contributing member on YouTube if you want to achieve a steady increase in followers or, at the very least, publish quality content that gets a lot of views and likes. Here are a few pointers to help you get the most out of your foray into the world of vlogging and content production.

Having a niche

The world’s largest video-sharing website has a monthly active user base of over 2 billion people. The average adult in the United States spends 24 minutes a day on YouTube. Furthermore, there are millions of topics from which to choose your specialty, but there are certain fields in which you must be an expert.

The first step in the YouTube world is admitting that you don’t know anything and can’t build content on everything. Find a particular field that interests you and continue to learn about it. Create authentic content that encourages people to watch your videos and spend time on your channel.

Be sure to check big YouTubers out there like GaryVee, PewDiePie, or anyone relevant to the niche you choose to understand where your content can make a difference.

Locate the most effective equipment

Crisp audio and clear video in all of your videos will help you stand out from the crowd of other YouTubers. It considers the purchase of appropriate equipment from the start to be the first step in launching a successful YouTube career.

What is the best audio and video equipment for a YouTube channel? Using your smartphone to record videos is perfectly appropriate. However, if you want your viewers to enjoy your content, you should invest in the proper equipment.

A majority of YouTubers use DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, as well as other videography essentials like tripods, lenses, and studio lighting. A mirrorless or action camera, as well as a decent monopod or handheld gimbal stabilizer, are common gear staples for those who vlog on the go.

But keep in mind that having a decent vlogging camera isn’t everything. If you ignore other factors such as audio quality and lighting, your viewers can lose interest in your videos after only a few seconds and refuse to subscribe.

Invest in a high-quality microphone that you can attach to your camera. Simultaneously, pay attention to your recording environment. Furthermore, make it a habit to verify if your audio is clear enough for your viewers to understand.

For the best results, use a shotgun microphone designed to pick up sound mostly from the front and filter out noise from the sides and behind the mic. Some vloggers go so far as to purchase multiple microphones for various filming situations.

For instance, you may need a lavalier mic (small microphones that can be pinned to your shirt) for shooting workout videos or any other form of video that allows you to be far away from the camera. Similarly, you will need a good condenser mic (or any mic that is widely used for podcasting) for clear voice recording.

Know what to keep

It’s also important that you create high-quality content and exclude everything that you believe won’t help you improve your videos. This ensures that the clips you use in the final cut must be carefully chosen. To keep your viewers interested and engaged in your video, use only your best shots (and cut out any dead air).

You may have more flexibility to add a few of those artsy (or nonsensical) shots once you’ve built up a larger audience, but always remember to think like a viewer and build what you’d want to see.

Tips for Content Creation

Make a content strategy

You’ve probably already decided what kind of video content you want to present on your YouTube channel before you even start. The best way to get more views and followers is to make the content interesting and engaging. The more viewers can connect to it, the more likely they are to click on it and watch it all the way through.

If you have a theme, sticking to it is also beneficial. Many popular YouTubers, for example, have separate channels for travel, tutorials, and their daily lives. Viewers love living vicariously through the people they watch, so let them know what to expect and provide them with entertaining content.

Seek motivation/Inspiration

It can become more difficult as time goes on to come up with fresh, new content that matches the excitement of your first few videos. But don’t worry; even the most well-known YouTube artists go through the same thing now and then. The trick is to look for inspiration in unexpected places, even when you’re not filming. Make a list of your thoughts. Look at other videos and adapt their concepts to make your own.

Rely on your own channel instead of comparing yourself to others. Your audience will feel your sincerity and appreciation for your art if you like and appreciate the ideas you come up with. This will help pique their interest. Take advantage of any opportunity to develop and grow in other fields while you’re at it. Examine different camera shooting methods, editing styles, and presentation approaches.

Best Way to Promote Your YouTube Channel

It’s just the beginning when it comes to setting up and posting the first videos. The next step is to advertise your channel in order to gain a following and, as a result, a stable YouTube account.

Optimize Your Videos for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Also, another way to increase the popularity of your videos is by customizing your content so that it ranks higher on YouTube. Offer your first video a nice, descriptive title that viewers are likely to type into the search bar—and don’t forget to include your main keyword or key phrase.

Be sure to include appropriate tags that will help your video be classified into several categories. If you’re unsure, look at the competition and see what tags other videos of similar content are using. Finally, include your target keywords, synonyms, and long-tail keyword variants in a good summary of at least 200 terms.

This will not only assist audiences in determining what your video is about, but it will also help your video rank higher in search engine results pages.

Use social media to expand your network

YouTube is all about communicating, sharing, and engaging with other people, even though it isn’t classified as a social networking site. As a result, in order to be competitive, you must make an effort to expand your network.

Collaborations among creators have proven successful in helping a channel develop and attract new subscribers because it allows both collaborators to gain popularity with the other’s subscriber base. This is especially important in the YouTube community.

Make friends with other producers, and don’t be afraid to contact larger YouTubers about a potential collaboration. It can be overwhelming, but if you don’t try, you won’t get anywhere.

Make effective communication with your audience

You’ll gradually gain followers and get more feedback on your videos, and you’ll eventually receive updates on your personal social media accounts—you might even receive fan mail if you post your P.O. box. Make as much time as possible to interact with your audience.

Remember that your social media accounts are an extension of your YouTube channel, so use common social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to share bits of your life. It’s also important that you read and respond to all tweets, comments, and other messages that come your way (as much as you are able).

Such interactions are valuable because they allow your subscribers to learn more about you while also fostering a sense of community and online friendliness within your own small group. It isn’t enough for them to enjoy your content; they must also enjoy you and their overall experience with your channel.

Interacting with your audience will also provide you with ideas for new material. At the very least, it will motivate you to keep going amid the challenges of growing and maintaining your channel.

Upload videos on a regular basis

Another crucial point to remember is to upload on a regular basis. It’s important to keep putting your videos out there, no matter how flawed you think your content is.

Some YouTubers like Matt D’Avella post videos once or twice a week and inform their viewers of this schedule (usually at the end of each video) so that they know when to expect new content. This increases the likelihood of a channel receiving a consistent stream of views, particularly once it has numerous active subscribers.

Stick to your routine until you’ve found one that works for you. In no time, you should be progressing and attracting more attention!

Start with easy-to-use editing software

Just because you’re making videos doesn’t mean you need expensive editing tools like Final Cut Pro. These software programs aren’t guaranteed to improve your content, particularly if you’re going to be struggling with it for the first few weeks.

If you’re new to video editing, basic programs like Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie are ideal. If you don’t already have them on your device, these are a lot more user-friendly and are conveniently accessible (for free).

Here’s a video that explains video editing for YouTube for beginners

What does it cost to create a YouTube channel?

It is absolutely free to create a YouTube channel. When it comes to creating content for your channel, this is where things can get pricey. Even if you’re just doing unboxing videos or doing movie reviews with your webcam, you’ll need a few simple pieces of gear. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll need to make your YouTube channel a success:

  • Webcam and microphone on a computer
  • For recording material, you’ll need a smartphone or another external camera
  • Video editing program that simplifies the process of putting together images
  • For working and recording, a clean, well-designed station is needed

Monetization on YouTube

The ultimate aim of your YouTube channel is to make money. You’ll be able to earn money in a variety of ways once you’ve built up a following and audience.

YouTube is a fantastic way to supplement your money. You can make money right now by making videos, or you can use your existing content in new ways to increase your passive income. Here are a few options for making money from your current posts:

  • AdSense can be used to generate advertising revenue.
  • Begin making videos as a YouTube Partner.
  • Collaborate with businesses to produce branded content that takes advantage of your fan base to generate revenue.
  • Sell the material you make to other businesses and sponsors
  • Make money by selling products related to your videos.
  • Using apps like Patreon, you can collect direct payments from your fans and followers.
  • Create a crowdsourcing campaign.

These were all the basics that you needed to know to create a YouTube channel. It might seem like a lot of competition, but all you have to do is not overthink and just START.

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