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Film Classes: Everything You Need to Know

Film classes cover a range of important topics in the filmmaking industry, helping aspiring filmmakers learn what goes into creating productions. You can choose from a wide range of classes, whether you want to learn more about directing, editing, sound production, screenwriting, or another aspect of the filmmaking process.

Overall Filmmaking

Class TitlePriceDescription
Low Budget Filmmaking – Tips and Tricks for an Indie Look$19 per month (Subscription)In under 30 minutes, you can learn how to think creatively and explore the experimental side of filmmaking.
Creative Filmmaking: Crafting Your Vision for Music Videos $19 per month (Subscription)Go through the process of creating music videos in this 35-minute course, which is a good option for beginners in the industry.
DSLR Camera Essentials: Film & Edit Stunning Timelapse Videos $19 per month (Subscription)Knowing how to use your equipment is essential in the filmmaking process, so this course provides insights into using a DSLR camera to create still and motion time-lapse videos.
The Minimalist DSLR Filmmaking Guide: How to Film in 20 Min $19 per month (subscription)If you like quick, short courses, this option is ideal as it offers insights into camera settings, exposure, focus, and audio for a DSLR camera, all within 20 minutes.
DSLR Filmmaking: From Beginner to PRO!$19 per month (subscription)Master your DSLR with this detailed course.
Video Gear Filmmaking Course $29.99 per month (subscription)Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman, the hosts of “Video Gear Weekly,” outline all the gear used by videographers in the industry, including LED lighting, display monitors, drones, green screens, sliders, and gimbals.
Sundance Filmmaking Classes FreeSundance Institute created a number of courses focused on the different aspects of filmmaking, each of which is three hours in length.
edXFree (Additional cost per course for access to graded assignments and certification)edX, founded by MIT and Harvard, offers online courses and degrees. Some of the free film courses available through the platform include “History of Hollywood,” “Hong Kong Cinema Through a Global Lens,”  and “The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact on Pop Culture.
Vlogging for Business$29.99 per month (Subscription)Learn to set up, shoot, and process a vlog (video blog) for business purposes.
DSLR Video Tips: Technical Knowledge$29.99 per month (subscription)For more technical insights into using a DSLR camera to shoot video, enroll in this LinkedIn Learning course that focuses on all the essential tools needed.
Cinema Lectures for CharityDonation-basedSatyanshu Singh, an award-winning filmmaker and professor of cinema, offers online film lectures in exchange for donations to charities on his list.
40 Days to Learn FilmFreeMark Cousins, a filmmaker and historian, uploaded a 2.5-hour video lecture about his experience with filmmaking and tips to make your own films.
Connecting Films With AudiencesFreeAvailable through FutureLearn, this free course offers insights into connecting storylines with viewers.
Udemy FilmmakingVaries by courseThe collection of filmmaking courses available through Udemy includes fundamentals and skills.
Filmmaker’s Master Class With Milos FormanFreeThis extensive seminar covers various aspects of filmmaking.

Video Production

Class TitlePriceDescription
Introduction to Video Color Correction


$29.99 per month (Subscription)This LinkedIn Learning course is an introduction to color grading and correction, helping participants understand workflows, tools, and terminology used in the industry, and how to correct their own video footage.
Premiere Pro CC 2019 Essential Training: The Basics$29.99 per month (subscription)Complete this extensive course on Premiere Pro CC, an essential tool used in film editing.
Premiere Pro CC for Beginners: Video Editing in Premiere$99.99If you want a more in-depth course on Premiere Pro CC, this 131-chapter course teaches all the elements of the software you need to use all the main elements available for video editing.
Color Grading for Filmmaking: The Vision, Art, and Science$19 per month (subscription)Another course focused on color grading is available through Skillshare and addresses how and why technical decisions around color grading are made on set.
Pixar: The Math Behind the MoviesFreeCatch this glimpse at the math behind the creation of animated characters.
Introduction to Lighting for Videographers$19 per month (subscription)Discover how videographers light a scene effectively and quickly.
Video Editing With Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners$19 per month (subscription)Taught by an instructor with over 10 years of production experience, this is the most popular film production course on the platform.
Learn Adobe After Effects CC 2019 for Beginners$19 per month (subscription)This editing course focuses on After Effects, another commonly used software program for video production.
Inside the EditVarious subscription levels availableThis subscription-based editing resource teaches the art of video editing.



Class TitlePriceDescription
Documentary Starter KitFreeThis introductory course offers a glimpse into what Desktop Documentaries offers in its paid series.
Shooting a Character Documentary$19 per month (subscription)Offered through Skillshare, this course focuses on developing characters in documentaries.
Creating a Modern, Cinematic Documentary With Soul$19 per month (subscription)This course focuses on modern cinematic expectations and bringing those to life through a documentary.
7-Day Documentary Crash Course$197Become a master of documentaries in seven days.


Class TitlePriceDescription
Become a Cinematographer$29.99 per month (subscription)This LinkedIn Learning course series includes over seven hours of content focused on cinematography, including composition, movement, storytelling, and lighting.
 Learn Cinematography$199Jakob Owens and Thomas Taugher work together to deliver a course focused on all the elements of filmmaking and the importance of cinematography in creating visually appealing films.
Cinematography Basics: Understanding Filmmaking Style


$19 per month (Subscription)Offered through Skillshare, this course taught by Zak Mulligan breaks down the role of a cinematographer, using his work on “Obselidia” as the framework for his lessons.
Wedding Cinematography


$99 for class, $11 per month (subscription)In nearly 14 hours of content, Ray Roman delivers tips and resources for aspiring wedding filmmakers, including composition techniques, organization tools, and time-shifting methods.
DIY Cinematography: Make Your Video Look Like a Movie$19 per month (Subscription)Ryan Booth is behind this Skillshare course, which follows him making a mini-documentary and shows each step in the process.
MZedFree or per-course chargeMZed is an online platform for creative professionals and filmmakers, offering video lessons and master classes focused on cinematography, writing, and other topics.
The Illumination ExperienceFreeAvailable through the Hurlbut Academy, this powerful cinematography master class includes five hours of content.
Shoot Expert Video on Any Camera$19 per month (subscription)Learn to use any type of camera equipment and apply cinematography elements.



Class TitlePriceDescription
ActingFreeOffered in podcast form, this course outlines the most important skills needed in acting.
Acting 101 for Adults$21Get tools that help you become a better actor.
Acting Techniques Masterclass$19 per month (subscription)Discover nine acting techniques taught by nine experts in the field.


Class TitlePriceDescription
Writing a Feature-Length Script For FilmFreeOffered through Coursera, this Michigan State University course is great for aspiring screenwriters.
Introduction to ScreenwritingFreeFutureLearn offers several free film courses, including this intro to screenwriting class.
Screenwriting & Script BreakdownFreeOffered by Pepperdine University, this course about breaking down scripts and screenwriting Is available as a three-episode podcast series.
FilmmakerIQFreeA collection of blog posts and courses from a group of filmmakers who share how they tell stories.
Online Feature Screenwriting Course$4,500Offered by the New York Film Academy, this online course provides professional instruction and feedback on your screenplays.
Learn to Write Movies: Screenwriting Step by Step$19 per month (subscription)Learn the steps involved in writing a good screenplay.
Script Hackr Screenwriting Course$299A simple, practical, and brief online screenwriting course that you can complete at your own pace.
Micro-Budget Filmmaking: Screenwriting$19 per month (subscription)Learn to make movies on a budget with a focus on screenwriting.

YouTube Film Classes and Channels

Class/Channel TitlePriceDescription
CrashCourse’s Film Series FreeCrashCourse is a YouTube channel that offers a range of topics in the film world, including production, criticism, and history.
Filmmaker IQ FreeThe Filmmaker IQ channel educates its audience on various filmmaking techniques set in the context of the history of film and is designed to help viewers learn the basics of creating films.
Every Frame a Painting FreeAlthough Every Frame a Painting isn’t creating new content, the channel still houses a number of video essays that emphasize the importance of each shot in driving a film’s narrative.
Film RiotFreeFilm Riot is one of the leading online resources for filmmakers, offering valuable information presented in comedic, engaging videos.
Now You See ItFreeThe videos available through the Now You See It channel help you tell better stories and boost your narratives, often through analysis of well-known films.
Indie Film HustleFreeThe Indie Film Hustle channel includes videos on hacking the independent film industry with tips on cinematography, screenwriting, cameras and gear, and other important topics.
Premium BeatFreePremium Beat is a royalty-free music video channel that offers tutorials on editing, video production, music videos, and motion graphics.
Philip BloomFreePhilip Bloom is a well-known indie filmmaker, and his channel offers quality content featuring Bloom’s everyday life, captured on video and reviewed.
The New School’s Film & MediaFreeThe New School’s Film & Media YouTube channel focuses on the analysis of mediated communication and fascinating creative visions in audio, film, video, and other media forms.
CinemarkFreeThis channel features interviews and tips for aspiring filmmakers from the major cinema brand.
Indy MogulFreeExplore over 1,200 tutorials dedicated to filmmaking tips.
YCImagingFreeThis channel offers actionable video content to teach you how to improve your filmmaking skills.
WolfcrowFreeWatch cinematography videos featuring scenes and clips from famous movies to learn from the pros.
Parker WalbeckFreeThis indie filmmaker offers insights to shooting better transitions.
DSLRguideFreeuse these tips videos to create better footage with a DLSR camera.
The Script LabFreeInterviews from working writers with tips to create and sell a screenplay give you a solid professional foundation.
FAST ScreenplayFreeLearn to write a screenplay from a producer’s perspective.
Robert McKeeFreeGet tips from an author and screenwriting lecturer to improve your screenplays.
The Writers Guild FoundationFreeStay current on the main foundation for screenwriters.
Film CourageFreeWatch interviews with screenwriters and learn about their experiences.
Lessons from the ScreenplayFreeMichael Tucker dissects the scripts of top films to provide education for screenwriters.
Film Freak (Zach Ramelan)FreeCheck out these DIY filmmaking tips and edisting tips from a well-known indie filmmaker.
This Guy EditsFreeLearn technical and creative editing techniques from professional editor Sven Pape.
RocketStockFreeApply templates for After Effects to your video footage.
Sonduck FilmsFreeReview these short tutorials on photography, motion graphics, design, and filmmaking.
KaptainkristianFreeThis channel has video essays on various filmmaking techniques.
Justin OdishoFreeWild videos from Justin Odisho explore software programs used in the industry and handling transitions.
Frame.ioFreeThis is a robust resource for editing and filmmaking.
CinecomFreeLearn from video production and editing tips, software tutorials, and gear tips.
The Film LookFreeGet tips to give your videos a more professional look.
Neumann FilmsFreeUse the videos on this channel to create more cinematic videos.
Grip TipsFreeThis channel has lighting tips for grips and production assistants.
ShutterstockFreeHead to this channel for a range of topics, from lighting sets to design, for filmmakers.
Potato JetFreeTutorials, camera reviews, and how-to tips to help you improve your skills.
Deity MicrophonesFreeThis is a must-watch channel for audio tips.
Dave DugdaleFreeThis channel hosts gear and equipment reviews.
Hurlbut AcademyFreeCheck out this small channel’s knowledge-based videos.
The Slanted LensFreeGear reviews and techniques for videography, lighting, and photo capturing can help you stay in the know.
AputureFreeThis is a channel dedicated to all things film lighting.
D4DariousFreeAn indie filmmaker provides directing, screenwriting, and cinematography tutorials.
Tom AntosFreeUse this channel to gain insights into gear and recommendations.
No Film SchoolFreeWatch their how-to videos, gear reviews, and festival coverage.
Pop Culture DetectiveFreeCritical video essays that help you give more meaning to your work.
Academy OriginalsFreeGo behind the scenes of your favorite movies.
WhatCultureFreeHead here for TV, movies, and gaming tips in one channel.
VarietyFreeThis channel provides news and trends from the industry.
Film JamsFreeLearn more about making professional films,
Cinema CartographyFreeFind out how your creations can change the world.
Gerald UndoneFreeGet insights into renting and getting the right video equipment.
Olufemii Film TutorialsFreeThis filmmaker publishes helpful videos for editing and camera usage.
NerdwriterFreeThe impact of culture on art, and art on filmmaking.
Cooke Optics TVFreeVideos from leading cinematographers in the industry can help you learn the ropes.
Media DivisionFreeFilmmakers discuss the craft and how they accomplish certain angles and moves.
BAFTA GuruFreeWatch these professional lessons delivered by professional filmmakers.


Learn about various film subjects through short, bite-sized videos.

Get educated on techniques in the context of film history.

This video is ideal for aspiring and current directors who want to improve their creativity.

Enjoy comedic videos with insights Into valuable information.

Watch engaging analyses of familiar films.

Get screenwriting and cinematography tips and camera reviews.

Motion graphics, video production, and editing tutorials can help you learn best practices.

This is a look into everyday life and applying filmmaking tips.

Try this helpful resource for acting and filmmaking tips.

As an indie filmmaker, Peter McKinnon has extensive knowledge of post-production.

Indy Mogul offers a number of filmmaking tutorials and tips.

Wolfcrow teaches camera movement and angles for cinematographers.

Actionable content on the YCImaging YouTube channel shows how to boost your skills.

DSLRguide includes videos about creating certain looks and making videos on a budget.

Parker Walbeck’s channel includes insightful videography techniques.

Kai W shares his professional experience and unfiltered opinions.

Use the tips from DSLR Video Shooter to make your videos more appealing.

Tom Antos’ YouTube channel is a guide to equipment and setups.

Making movies on a budget is the focus of many of the videos from D4Darious.

Enjoy humorous takes on videography, lighting, and photo techniques from The Slanted Lens.

Hurlbut Academy offers educational videos for filmmakers of all levels.

Dave Dugdale educates viewers on camera equipment and tips.

Deity Microphones focuses on audio tips for filmmakers.

CookeOptics TV includes videos from successful cinematographers.

Potato Jet’s channel features tutorials, how-to guides, and equipment reviews.

Shutterstock provides a number of resources for video creatives and filmmakers.

Grip Tips is designed for grips, gaffers, production assistants, and others who handle lighting on-set.

Check out Neumann Films’ channel for cinematic videos with detail on how the filmmakers achieved their looks.

The Film Look focuses on creating video footage that looks authentic and professional.

Use Cinecom’s videos to find out how to make the most of your equipment. is both a YouTube channel and a blog, featuring what you need to know about video and editing.

If you want a channel with fresh content consistently, Justin Odisho is your guy as he puts out new videos nearly every day.

Kaptainkristian hosts a channel with video essays on filmmaking, comics, animation, and VFX.

The videos from Sonduck Films are quick, to-the-point filmmaking tutorials.

RocketStock offers After Effects templates.

Use the editing techniques from This Guy Edits, a channel run by a well-known editor in the industry.

Zach Ramelan (also known as the Film Freak) combines DIY tricks and editing tips.

Use Lessons from the Screenplay to up your screenwriting skills.

Karen Worden runs Film Courage, a channel with a range of videos focused on writing.

The Writers Guild Foundation’s YouTube channel is helpful for aspiring and working screenwriters.

The Script Lab’s channel includes new content weekly, like interviews with educators, filmmakers, and writers.

Robert McKee delivers his famous lecturing style to YouTube videos.

Learn how to write a screenplay, step by step, from FAST Screenplay.

Use Pop Culture Detective’s channel to create deeper videos.

The Academy Originals channel offers insights into the members of the Academy.

Learn while enjoying insights into pop culture.

Variety’s channel focuses on the latest trends in Hollywood.

BAFTA Guru includes lessons taught by professional filmmakers.

Nerdwriter looks into how culture influences filmmaking.

Olufemii Film Tutorials offers video packages for camera and editing tips.

Learn what to use when it comes to gear and equipment from Gerald Undone.

Cinema Cartography can provide insights into how you view filmmaking.

Film Jams’ channel promises to quadruple your filmmaking knowledge, so it’s worth checking out.

MasterClass Offerings

Class TitlePriceDescription
Warner Herzog Teaches Filmmaking$15 per month (subscription)Warner Herzog is a self-taught filmmaker who has created both documentaries and feature films in his career. This series of courses focuses on the skills needed to make films, as well as useful lessons on negotiation and financing skills that are important for independent and new filmmakers.
Ron Howard Teaches Directing$15 per month (subscription)In this 31-class series, Ron Howard, a world-renowned film director, teaches a range of lessons focused on evaluating film ideas, working with actors, blocking scenes, and bringing your vision to the big screen.
Spike Lee Teaches Independent Filmmaking $15 per month (subscription)Spike Lee offers insights into his technical and creative processes for creating independent films, including camera techniques, improvisation and collaboration with actors, music, and establishing your tone.
Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting$15 per month (subscription)In this series, you’ll learn how to come up with ideas for stories, insights into character development, the process of screenwriting, and information about film story arcs.
David Lynch Teaches Creativity and Film $15 per month (subscription)In David Lynch’s MasterClass series, filmmakers can learn about the avant-garde figure’s approach to creating unique narratives and his cross-disciplinary creative process as they participate in the 13 courses.
Mira Nair Teaches Independent Filmmaking $15 per month (subscription)Mira Nair offers her first-ever online MasterClass series to share her unique approach to making independent films as well as deliver actionable advice about working with actors and getting the most out of their performances.
Martin Scorsese Teaches Filmmaking$15 per month (subscription)Legendary director Martin Scorsese provides insights to aspiring filmmakers in this 30-class series, focusing on casting, cinematography, developing your personal style, working with a crew, casting, and other key elements of filmmaking. Scorsese also analyzes several scenes from films toward the end of the course.
Jodie Foster Teaches Filmmaking $15 per month (subscription)Jodie Foster is a director, producer, and actor, so her unique insights provide a more well-rounded view of the creation of films.
Ken Burns Teaches Documentary Filmmaking $15 per month (subscription)Ken Burns teaches a series of classes about crafting engaging documentaries, with chapters focused on structuring the narrative, conducting interviews, pitching ideas, obtaining funding, and writing the script.
Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring$15 per month (subscription)Interested in scoring films? Hans Zimmer teaches courses that utilize his vast library of work and offer insights into communicating with directors, scoring themes and soundtracks, and applying feedback.
Danny Elfman Teaches Music For Film$15 per month (subscription)Danny Elfman has scored some of the biggest films over the last few decades, making him an excellent resource for those who want to work with music in film. His offering blends his personal advice for aspiring filmmakers with his process for creating compositions.
Natalie Portman Teaches Acting$15 per month (subscription)Natalie Portman, a self-taught actor, teaches her techniques and development process.
Samuel L. Jackson Teaches Acting$15 per month (subscription)With roles in over 100 films, Samuel L. Jackson brings his signature style and discusses how to analyze a script.
Shonda Rhimes Teaches Writing for Television$15 per month (subscription)If you’re interested in writing for TV, check out this course taught by the writer and creator behind “Grey’s Anatomy.”


Film School Programs

School NamePriceDescription
University of Southern California$42,000 per yearThe film programs at this school offer extensive technical training and hands-on work opportunities.
New York University$45,674 per yearThis school offers small class sizes and an annual $200,000 prize awarded to a student who creates and debuts the top feature film.
Beijing Film AcademyProgram fees varyChina’s most elite school for filmmakers accepts 500 applicants per year.
American Film Institute$37,000-$39,000 per year (plus thesis fee)AFI provides an immersive film experience with training in various aspects of filmmaking.
University of California-Los Angeles$12,000-$14,000 per year (in-state) $28,000-$36,000 per year (out-of-state)UCLA features a multicultural campus and a broad range of courses focused on all aspects of filmmaking.
California State University, NorthridgeProgram fees varyThis school recently added a new visual effects suite, providing students with access to digital animation and film creation capabilities.
Columbia University$44,000-$51,000 per yearThe film program at this New York-based university includes bachelor- and master-level courses.
Chapman University$20,000 per semester (undergraduates)
$15,000-$21,000 per semester (graduates)
Students learn all aspects of filmmaking in the first two years and choose a specialty to focus on at the end of the sophomore year.
California Institute of the Arts$38,000 per yearCalArts was founded by Walt Disney and is an experimental school with various focuses available to students.
Loyola Marymount University$38,000 (undergraduates) $985 per credit + tuition and fees (graduates)The film program at this school has been offered for 10 years, and a third of all students get internships.
Wesleyan University$56,000 per yearThis liberal arts school focuses on all aspects of filmmaking, including traditional methods.
The National Film and Television School$15,000 per year (U.K. residents) $32,000 per year (overseas students)Several courses in this program are taught by an experienced and successful indie film producer.
Biola UniversityProgram fees varyThis private Christian school offers a cinema and media arts program on an intimate campus.
Emerson Visual and Media Arts School$33,000 per year (undergraduates) $1,004 per credit (graduates)This school offers a range of course options and specialties for students.
University of Texas at Austin$5,000 (in-state)
$8,000-$16,000 (out-of-state)
Students at this school are surrounded by South by Southwest, an annual film festival, and a massive indie film scene.
DePaul UniversityProgram fees varyThis school is best known for its acting program, although it offers many other film and media courses.
Feirstein Graduate School of CinemaProgram fees varyAn extension of Brooklyn College, this school is located on a working studio lot to provide hands-on experience.
New York Film AcademyProgram fees varyThis school has campuses all over the world and offers different programs at each.
Academy of Art UniversityProgram fees varyStudents at this school have access to five professional-level sound stages and various program options.
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee$18,000 per yearThis school specializes in experimental film.
Colorado Film School$28,000 for four years (in-state) $58,000 for four years (out-of-state)One of the more affordable options, this program allows students to make 1,000 films per year.
The Polish National Film, Television, and Theater School$8,600-$15,800 per year (Polish students receive 30% discount)Locals refer to this school as Lodz, which offers education in acting, production, editing, digital media, journalism, writing, and photography.
Montclair State UniversityProgram fees varyThis university partners with Sony to provide high-end production equipment and technology for students to use.
Ringling College of Art and Design$17,000 per semesterStudents can earn bachelor’s degrees in digital filmmaking, computer animation, photography, and game design.
The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (Prague)$46,000 per yearStudents can earn master’s degrees in digital media and cinema at this school.
Savannah College of Art and DesignProgram fees varyThe current director of SCAD was once a casting director for CBS, providing access to education that keeps students current in the latest filmmaking trends.
University of North Carolina WilmingtonProgram fees varyThis school recently added a filmmaking program to prepare local filmmakers who want to shoot in the Carolinas.
School of the Art Institute of ChicagoProgram fees varyThis program focuses on fostering experimentation with unique media forms and content.
Rhode Island School of Design$40,000 per yearThe film, animation, and video program produces well-rounded filmmakers.
Florida State University$6,600-$22,000 (in-state) $24,000-$39,000 (out-of-state)The 8:1 student-to-faculty ratio and support of student filmmaking endeavors help this school stand out for filmmakers.
ArtCenter School of DesignProgram fees varyStudents have access to a range of visual arts programs in three tracks: cinematography, editing, and directing.
San Francisco State UniversityProgram fees varyFilmmaking majors include options in fiction, experimental, and documentary filmmaking.
Syracuse University$54,000 per yearLearn filmmaking, animation, visual effects, video art, and other elements of computer art in this well-rounded program.
Pratt InstituteProgram fees varyStudents at this school don’t have to choose a specialty but rather receive a well-rounded education.
Temple UniversityProgram fees varyStudents can learn about lesser-known aspects of filmmaking, such as distribution, fundraising, and exhibition, to increase their odds of success.
Northwestern University$42,000 per yearStudents study in one of the nation’s art capitals and make their own films, applying the principles learned in courses focused on post-production and editing, cinematography, and directing.
Stony Brook University, SouthamptonProgram fees varyThe filmmaking program at this school is committed to supporting indie filmmakers.
University of North Carolina School of the Arts$5,000 (in-state) $18,000 (out-of-state)Students can dive into film and its connection to design, production, dance, drama, and music.
School of Visual ArtsProgram fees varyStudents at this school can showcase their work at a well-known film and animation festival.
University of Texas at ArlingtonProgram fees varyThis program balances the theoretical side of film with practical application through various degree offerings.
Rutgers UniversityProgram fees varyRutgers has offered film programs for several years, keeping a low teacher-to-student ratio and offering hands-on learning opportunities.


Becoming a well-rounded filmmaker starts with knowing the best techniques used in the industry today. Apply for the Cinema Production Diploma at Nashville Film Institute to begin your career.