How to Become a TikTok Creator?

Nowadays, everyone is on TikTok to post creative content and get paid for their work. Each TikTok creator can inspire millions of users globally to post content and become famous. So, if you wish to earn easy money with your unmatchable creativity and aren’t sure how to start, here’s all about becoming a TikTok creator.



TikTok has skyrocketed in popularity in the US during the pandemic, amassing over a billion downloads on Android and iOS. With TikTok, you will watch people in short videos that initially involve dancing or lip-syncing to songs or create videos of yourself doing the same. You can discover anything you’re interested in on the app, like tutorials for food recipes, makeup, silly challenges, and hobbies.

So, to become a successful TikToker, here’s all you need to know about TikTok, including how to sign up, make a TikTok video, go live on the platform, and earn new followers.

Get Started on TikTok

To launch your path in TikTok, you need an account to showcase all your creativity. Here’s how to create an account in TikTok.

  • Download TikTok on Android or iOS.
  • Sign up by hitting the profile icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen. You can sign up with your Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, phone number, or email address. The TikTok app will link to your chosen platform or sign up manually.
  • If signing up manually, TikTok will ask you to input your birth date.
  • Enter your phone number and email address and set a password. That’s it, and you are into the TikTok family.


Start following some people or like videos of fellow TikTokers, as the For You feed will be a fairly random collection of content. So start scrolling and see what you find, or jump to the Following tab and sync your contacts to find your mates using the app. The Discover tab is also an excellent place to find content. Also, see what hashtags are trending and explore your interest.

If you like a video, hit the heart button or double-tap it. The ways to interact with a video on TikTok are on the screen’s right side — the creator’s profile, the “like” (heart symbol), the comment section, share options, and the rotating icon that will display other videos that use that particular song.

How to Create Videos on TikTok

  • Tap + at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you’d like to upload content from your device, go to the device “Library” or use the TikTok camera to create a fresh video.
  • Add your preferred sounds, effects, filters, or other camera tools.
  • Start your video by clicking the “Record” button.
  • Record your video.
  • Tap the checkmark.
  • Make additional edits on the posting page.
  • Post your video!

How to Become a Pro TikTok Creator

To become a pro-TikTok creator, you must be involved from pre-production to post-production and add edits and additional animations to make your content look outstanding. 

Pro TikTok Creators should be passionate and aware of the uses of different social media platforms. Always play to your strengths. Ideally, a TikTok Creator should possess excellent interpersonal and leadership skills because Pro TikTok Creators are ultimately responsible for heading the entire video content production. 

You have to communicate and collaborate efficiently with clients to help bring their creative vision and marketing goals to life via effective video content. Possessing strong project management skills is a beneficial extra. In this role, collaboration with the Production Manager is key to ensure that the production remains on schedule and within budget. Show your passion to the fullest as a Pro TikTok Creator. Of course, you’d be expected to be passionate about the social media landscape and the platforms used. 

Here are a few tips to make your content viral

Be Authentic and Consistent

Authenticity resonates with viewers. Be yourself and let your unique personality shine. Regularly post content to keep your followers engaged and attract new followers.

Add Subtitles

Many of your TikTok viewers often watch videos without sound. Recently, embedding subtitles in your TikTok videos has become easier as the platform now includes a built-in feature, eliminating the need for external apps or tools.

Create Vlogs

Vlogs are posts where creators share snippets of their day, narrating their experiences. They tend to be more realistic and less edited, offering a personal and intimate perspective.

Engage with Trends and Add Trending Hashtags

Participate in trending challenges and use popular hashtags to increase your visibility. Incorporating appropriate hashtags in your post descriptions enhances visibility to your target audience. Mix niche-specific and popular hashtags, akin to SEO keywords, where you balance broader, high-search hashtags with more specific, lower-search ones.

Use Music and Effects Wisely

TikTok is driven by music and visual effects. Use them effectively to enhance your content. Using popular music in your TikTok videos can boost their viral potential. To find out if an audio clip is trending, simply hit the “+” button as if to upload a video, click on “add sound,” and then choose the “trending” option.

Engage With Your Audience, Analyze and Adapt 

Respond to comments and messages. Building a community encourages loyalty and repeat views. Regularly review your analytics to understand what works and refine your strategy accordingly. 

Add a CTA

Although your audience knows they can comment, save, and share your videos, a gentle reminder is often helpful. Including a call to action in the video and its description can boost engagement with your content and its overall reach.

Final Thoughts

Following the steps mentioned above, you can use this opportunity to show your passion and interest as you explore and experiment with artistic content while using TikTok’s unique features. Brands hire creators who show dedication and the skill of thinking outside the box when producing a range of quality content.


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