Online Filmmaking Schools: Everything You Need to Know

An online filmmaking school teaches the theory of film and technical skills like operating a camera and editing footage. Some online programs have self-guided classes, while others offer full degrees. Whether you want to learn a specific skill or earn a degree, here are more than 100 of the best online filmmaking schools and courses you can check out.

Accredited Online Filmmaking Degrees and Certificates

Film professionals around the world recognize the filmmaking degrees and certificates from these accredited programs:

Self-Guided Online Filmmaking Courses and Filmmaking MOOCs

These massive open online courses (MOOCs) and online platforms offer free or low-cost classes:

Best Online Filmmaking Video Tutorials: Directing/Filmmaking Courses

You can learn directing and filmmaking from these online courses and masterclasses:

  • DIY Filming – Creating Pro Video Course: DIY filmmaking course
  • Filmmaker in a Box – Learn How to Make a Low Budget Feature Film: Indie film video series

Best Online Filmmaking Video Tutorials: Cinematography Courses

You can learn cinematography from these online courses:

Best Online Filmmaking Video Tutorials: Specialist Filmmaking Courses

These online courses focus on specialized aspects of filmmaking:

Best Online Filmmaking Video Tutorials: Film Scoring and Composition Courses

You can learn scoring and composition for films from these online tutorials:

Best Online Filmmaking Video Tutorials: Screenwriting Courses

These online courses teach the basics of screenwriting:

Best Online Filmmaking Video Tutorials: Editing Courses

These tutorials teach you how to edit films.

  • How to Create a Quick Change Effect in After Effects: Adobe After Effects tutorial
  • How to Make Your Videos Better With Sound Effects in Premiere Pro CC: Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial
  • Inside the Edit – Definitive Creative Editing Course: Video editing training
  • Premiere Pro CC 2019 Essential Training – The Basics: Adobe Premiere Pro training
  • Premiere Pro CC for Beginners – Video Editing in Premiere: Beginner-focused Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial
  • Visual Effect for Directors: Visual effects (VFX) course

Best Online Filmmaking Video Tutorials: Color Correction and Grading Courses

These tutorials show you how to apply color correction and grading:

  • Color Grading for Filmmaking – The Vision, Art, and Science: Technical and theoretical course on color grading
  • Introduction to Video Color Correction: Digital color correction LinkedIn course

Best Online Filmmaking Video Tutorials: Technical and Equipment Courses

You can learn the technical basics from these video tutorials:

You can learn more about film and how you can improve your skills by applying to the Nashville Film Institute here.



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