What Is A Producer? Everything You Need To Know

A producer is the one who plans, coordinates, and manages all work involved in the making of a movie. This includes the script, direction, casting, editing, finances, PR, release, and marketing. A film producer either works independently or for a production company. In short, they oversee film production from beginning to end. 

Who is a Film Producer?

A movie producer is responsible for launching projects, arranging finance, finding writers and directors, and bringing together a creative team. They also supervise all pre-production and post-production events of the movie. The producer is the driving force in the whole process of movie-making, including distribution.

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What Does a Film Producer Do?

A film producer shoulders various pre-production, production, and post-production responsibilities. As a result, they multitask multiple functions while making a movie.

  • Arranging finance for the project
  • Manages recruitment of the film crew
  • Manages logistics and budgeting
  • Manages marketing plans 

What does a Producer Actually do? 

Types of Producers

When a movie is produced, it involves various job roles divided between different people. The types of producers commonly seen in the Hollywood industry are as follows:

Executive Producer

Executive Producers contribute to the financial capital of the movie and manage accounting, legal issues, and any additional finance. 


  • Budgeting and management
  • Hiring artist
  • Organize the project and the goals
  • Oversee other producers

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Producers collaborate with the director and work actively on the sets. In addition, they supervise production logistics on the whole. A producer also takes the role of a director and writer in a movie.


  • Looks after script writing and quality control
  • Fundraising and managing of budget
  • Decision-making on casting
  • Guides other teams and producers

Line Producer

Line producers are the taskmasters of a movie. They coordinate the schedules and activities of several other departments and manage HR. They also break down the script, ensure to stay on budget, and plan the production timeline. 


  • Oversees unit production manager
  • Assists executive producers
  • Supervises the production process
  • Tracks budget and schedules
  • Hires the executive producer

Creative Producer

The work of Creative Producers relates to artists and the creative part of the movie. They work closely with the director for a united style. They are also involved in hiring talented artists, looking into script revisions, and communicating director notes with other departments.


  • Manage script revisions
  • Coordinate with hiring talented artists


Showrunners are mainly involved with television series and work on the creative side of the series. In addition, they supervise various other directors responsible for each episode.


Co-producers share the responsibilities of the lead producer and supervise the production area. They also help in fundraising and work along with other producers. They are the same as other producers and work throughout the production process.


  • Supervise production
  • Assist the executive producer
  • Take care of equipment, finances, and services required in a project.

Impact Producer

They are mainly involved in the marketing and promotion of a movie. They are involved in advertising and getting distributors for the movie.


  • Marketing and distribution
  • Media coverage
  • Advertisement
  • Bring in the press and audience 

Field Producer

They help the producer in production on the field, a non-studio location. They also work remotely and help produce a part of the movie.

Supervising Producer

Supervising Producers are specifically involved with the creative department of the movie. First, they work on transforming an idea into a script. Then, they write and re-rewrite the script and create a compelling screenplay for the shoot. Supervising producer is responsible for developing the screenplay and managing other producers.


  • Assisting the executive producer
  • Developing the script
  • Oversees the creative department
  • Supervises other producers

Coordinating Producer

Coordinating Producers are usually more than one but work separately on a project. They ensure everything works smoothly according to the goal.


  • Assisting the producers
  • Supervises the production team
  • Coordinates with other producers
  • Ensures the events and shooting are towards the goal

Associate Producer

Associate Producers work under the executive producer and other producers. They coordinate decisions relating to location, set construction, and supervise script work. 


  • Assistance to the production team as a whole
  • Helping in the selection of shots, and preparation of script and content.
  • Various other duties relating to production

Consulting Producer

They advise on production and other jobs relating to the same. They are often co-producers, and their roles include quality control and consistency.


  • Contributing to scripts and writing
  • Assistance in TV production
  • Advises the production unit

Segment Producer

Segment Producers are majorly TV producers for reality shows or talk shows. They supervise one or more parts of the show.


  • Supervising the producers
  • Quality control
  • Consistency
  • Oversees the overall production

Field Producers

They mainly work in the field and supervise production outside the studio. Their part involves working on outdoor scenes for a movie.


  • Oversees the field production
  • Quality control
  • Assists the producers on outdoor location

Responsibilities of a Producer

A producer’s responsibilities are immense and cover various movie production phases. He is responsible for providing resources, logistics, and infrastructure for the whole movie crew. However, you can split their responsibilities into stages such as:

  • Duties during the movie making 
  • Preproduction responsibilities
  • Responsibilities during production
  • Post-production responsibilities

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With Whom a Film Producer Works?

A producer on a movie set almost has to work with everyone and anyone on the crew. They are responsible for leading the whole team and managing marketing and distribution. They also oversee the other producers on the team. 

  • Other producers
  • Writers
  • Financiers
  • Distributors
  • Artist 
  • Director 
  • Marketing team and PR

Steps to Becoming a Movie Producer

Step 1

Start as an actor, writer, agent, director, or studio executive. Gaining experience is the foremost step.

Step 2

Certification in a film or business school adds to the experience. However, the best education is the experience as a producer.

Step 3

Work as an intern at radio stations, television networks, or small studios.

Step 4

An entry-level job at a TV network or radio station can help to gain knowledge while working with experienced producers.

Step 5

Always be open to learning new things in filmmaking. Enhance knowledge through education and certifications  

Skills Required for a Movie Producer

Before becoming a producer, you must possess experience and a skillset to be successful in the industry. Most producers start as writers, actors, or even entry-level workers. However, the essential characteristics needed to become a producer may include the following:

  • Persistence and assertiveness
  • Contacts
  • Management
  • Creative thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Business experience
  • Handling pressure
  • Persuasive 
  • Leadership quality
  • Storytelling skills
  • Passion in filmmaking
  • Confidence
  • Organizational Skills
  • Knowledge of marketing strategies

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Things To Know If You Want To Become A Film Producer

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a film producer’s requirements are below:

  • A bachelor’s degree in filmmaking will be helpful but not mandatory.
  • A degree in journalism, fine arts, writing, and acting, are considered.
  • Producers with significant success and experience are preferred for projects.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, considering the logistics, a producer handles the movie’s financial and business needs. The role of a director and producer overlaps; however, as a producer, you extend your support, assistance, and organizing skills so that the director successfully brings the movie on-screen. Develop your skills by working from scratch as a writer, an actor, or for TV and radio shows to gain experience. Live your passion, work dedicatedly for it, grab every other opportunity where you can showcase your talents in media, and finally, you find yourself in the hot seat as “the Producer”!